Melanie is a generous connector who creates transformative experiences for individuals and groups.

Adam Grant
Author: “Give and Take,” Originals” and “Option B;” Podcast host: WorkLife with Adam Grant; Wharton Professor

If you are trying to make significant life choices, get on a plane, get on Melanie’s calendar.

Steve Tallman
Bain & Co.

Melanie’s passion for life, knowledge of business and ethics, and her drive to help others succeed are truly awe-inspiring.

Lt. Col. Joseph Knott
US Army National Guard; US Pentagon; Director, Military Partnerships at Compatible Lands Foundation

Talking with Melanie dissolves the “noise in the room” and enables one to find his or her own voice.

Chris Underhill
President and Co-Lead

Over the last decade and across four positions of increasing responsibility, Katzman Consulting has been my North Star.

Kristin Frank
Board and Comp Committee Chair, Gaia, Inc.; Board Director, Comp Committee Member, Brightcove; Past EVP, MTVN

As I strive to live a life examined, and have greater focus on what is meaningful to me, Melanie has been the most insightful adviser.

Vivian Polak
Red Thread Good

Dr. Katzman has been able to straddle paradigms and approach research with abundant new concepts, integrated methods and insightful interpretations.

Sing Lee
Chinese University, Hong Kong

Melanie has a remarkable ability to observe and document truth.

Ken Bardach
Adjunct Professor in Residence
Fundação Dom Cabral, Brazil

It never ceases to amaze me how impactful Melanie can be in 24 hours on the ground!

Shannon Totten
Excess Casualty Practice Leader & Chairperson of the Bermuda Insurance Institute; Sompo International Insurance

Melanie’s ability to facilitate complicated conversations so that people from diverse perspectives converge on a shared solution is quite impressive.

Jean Pierre Boissonnas
Partimoine Network, Switzerland

Melanie has a unique ability to work across cultures and deliver data to drive social policy.

Yael Latzer
Haifa University, Israel

Melanie was professional, compassionate and able to execute our vision and exceed our expectations.

Chris Strudwick-Turner
Marketing & Communications
Los Angeles Urban League