What I do


Private Practice in Psychology

For over three decades I have maintained a private psychology practice in NYC… a foundation that has proven to be an asset to my clients in all areas of my work. I was a pioneer in the diagnosis and treatment of bulimia nervosa – first in the U.S. and later around the world. I wrote two of the initial treatment manuals and three additional text books, and helped create the conferences and professional associations that have defined the field. The focus of my therapeutic consultations has expanded over the years. I currently see individuals, couples and families for short and long term consultation during tumultuous times as well as providing support to individuals working to enhance the quality of their lives.


Executive Coaching, Strategy & Group Facilitation

Since 1999, our global team of psychologists has advised CEOs, corporate directors, government agencies, entrepreneurs and heads of large family enterprises during periods of personal and enterprise growth, transition and crisis. We provide 1:1 coaching along with offsite and board facilitation. As experts in human behavior, we offer sophisticated analyses informing negotiations, due diligence, and talent management. We reduce silos and enhance cross departmental, and cross sector work. Through our work together, clients increase trust and personal accountability.

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Expansive Leadership & Impact

To shift the individual mindsets that lead to organizational and system change, I have pursued several platforms for disseminating knowledge, convening unexpected groups and safely destabilizing accepted wisdom. I joined Leaders’ Quest at a time when we were just four partners around a kitchen table. Our social enterprise now boasts a worldwide team of over 130 professionals, amassing more than 9,000 people in a global community as a result of running over 300 programs for CEO’s and entrepreneurs, government and grassroots leaders – all people who have the influence, networks and knowledge to inspire others and mobilize resources to make a positive difference in their organizations, communities and beyond. We work in 26 countries, to create a more inclusive and sustainable world, challenging people from all walks of life to explore purpose and implement meaningful change.

As the co-creator and  former co-host Women@Work on SiriusXM Business Radio Channel 111, I  bridged academic and business disciplines through a national, yet intimate weekly discussion. The show expands the conversation with women (and men) about how to help women join, stay, succeed and lead in the workplace. I was also a Senior Fellow at The Wharton Center for Leadership and Change Management which develops global leaders, preparing them to make positive, lasting differences for investors, customers, employees and communities regardless of national setting, and with a deep appreciation for the distinctive cultures at play.